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    Data Center Tool - not working, Perc H310 mini?


      I have the newest (3.0.2) version of the Intel Data Center Tool running on RHEL 6.7 on a Dell R530.  I have enabled LSI adapter support, but whenever I attempt to query anything with isdct (isdct show -intelssd, for example), the card hangs and all IO stops being served (until I kill the isdct process).  Luckily this hasn't resulted in a system crash yet.


      Is there something I'm missing here?  I believe everything in the chain here is supported by the tool.


      I have a multiple DC S3610 1.6 TB SATA drives that are dying much too early (2 failures out of 12 in the past 5 months) with very few writes issued to them (less than a single drive overwrite in that time).  Unfortunately, we cannot RMA the drives, so my intention is to use this tool to query the drives, check status, and update the firmware if needed.