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    DP67BG Chipset Circuit Design Issue - still support from Intel?




      I'm having trouble with my DP67BG motherboard. I think it has the Chipset Circuit Design Issue of the Intel 6 Series Express Chipset.

      Sometimes no devices can be found at the integrated SATA ports 2–5 for a longer amount of time. Sometimes it works just fine. The Problem is even that windows 7 gets stuck within a boot loop when the error occurs and while devices are connected on these ports.

      I have compared my chipset with the impacted one and it fits.



      My question now:

      Nearly 6 years after the problem was identified does Intel still give any support about this issue? If yes - what would be their solution? Is it worth contacting support for this?


      Or is the only remaining solution to buy an pci-express sata controller?



      Thank you very much,