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    Need workable bluetooth driver, error code 10, STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE


      My STK2M3W64CC having bluetooth issue. I believe it is related to the bluetooth driver.


      I have the exact same issue as other member, you can refer to this STK2M3W64CC Bluetooth Error 10


      As sugguested by Angie from Intel Corporation to create a new thread after I have tried to complete the steps that were suggested on the above thread except RMA, I am still having issue.


      i installed the latest chipset driver, bluetooth still not working, code 10.

      I flashed the latest bios 0047, bluetooth still not working, code 10.

      Used F7 to flash the same latest bios, bluetooth still not working, code 10.

      Went into bios, reset bios setting, bluetooth still not working, codd 10.


      How ever, after I have uninstalled the "Intel Wireless Bluetooth(R) from Control Panel-Programs and Features, restarted, Windows10 July Anniversary version installed 19.30.1648.920 (2/12/2016) version automatically, it was working well, but after restarted windows, bluetooth not working again, code 10.


      Beside RMA, what else can I do or can Intel do ? I believe it is bluetooth driver issue. Can Intel get the same STK2M3W64 stick and try to install all the latest drivers from Downloads for Intel® Compute Stick STK2m3W64CC and see if bluetooth driver giving any code 10 issue ? I did check online, seems like quite a lot of users having the same bluetooth code 10, STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE issue.

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