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    Intel BIOS shows incorrect Board Model


      I have a Intel Original DG965WH Motherboard. Recently i had sent it for repair to a vendor as it was not booting due to a hardware fault. It used to always get stuck at a black screen after Intel BIOS splash screen is shown with a E7 Bios Post Error Code at right bottom corner. The vendor had repaired my motherboard,it is working fine but the Intel BIOS now reports incorrect Model No for my motherboard.

      It shown following information:

      Board Model: DG965RY

      Board Version: AAD41691-207


      But as i know it should report the following information which i had confirmed from the original reading (the ones when i bought the motherboard) and by physically validating the stickers on the motherboard:

      Board Model: DG965WH

      Board Version: AAD41692-306


      I though may be the vendor had flashed incorrect bios of DG965RY motherboard on my motherboard by mistake.

      I took the following actions

      1) Tried removing the CMOS battery to reset the BIOS

      2) Loaded the BIOS defaults

      3) Upgraded the BIOS to the latest version i.e 1754 using bootable CD. It got upgraded but it still shows incorrect model information.

      4) I also tried BIOS recovery by removing the BIOS jumper and upgrading it to 1754 version using a CD. It got upgraded but it still shows incorrect model information.


      When i boot my system in Windows XP Profession (SP3) OS everything works fine but i am not able to install the latest driversof my motherboard.

      Even the board id tool reports my motherboard as DG965RY instead of DG965WH.


      What wrong vendor could have done with my motherboard?

      How can i restore the identity of my motherboard to be DG96WH so that i can install all latest driver for it on my system.


      Did anyone faced a similar problem? Is there any solution or workaround for the problem? Any guidance will be most appreciated.

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          You have stated that your original board has been replaced. So the new board has the indicated model number and board version. You can verify this by downloading and running the Board ID utility.


          Note: my apologies for the error in reading your post. Correction: repaired instead of replaced in my statement earlier.

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            Couple of observations about these two board models.


            Board color:

            DG965WH - blue

            DG965RY - green


            Number of SATA connectors onboard:

            DG965WH - 6

            DG965RY - 4


            Parallel port on back panel:

            DG965WH - no

            DG965RY - yes


            Maybe your vendor actually did give you back the wrong board?

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              My board is not replaced, its still DG965WH. But the board ID shows it as DG965RY.

              I guess it may be because the vendor had flashed my board with DG965RY bios / firmware.

              I think if we upgrade bios it does not change the Board Model and Board Version.

              I am sure that it is showing showing these values for the board whose bios/firmware is forcefully applied on my board by the vendor.

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                My board is blue in color.

                It has 6 sata connectors.

                There is a parallel port on back panel.

                I verified the board after physical examination that it is indeed DG965WH board.

                The stickers on the board and name "Intel DG965WH Motherboard" is printed on the board itself.

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                  Is there any tool which can be used to change the Board Model and Board Version shown in the BIOS?

                  I tried itoolkit_4.0.1.258 but there is no option to change these values while creating customized Bios image.

                  IIA_1.1.3.857a tool is not working on my system as it is wrongly detected as DG965RY which is not supported by this tool.

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                    Based on the technical specification your board is the correct model (DG965WH). My only suggestion to this problem is to contact and verify from the vendor whether the bios chip has been erroneously replaced or reprogrammed by them.

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                      Yeah, sounds like the vendor did something a bit off when working on the board and you need to take it back to them to get it fixed.

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                        Thanks for your replies.


                        Actually vendor had forecefully applied DG45RY chipset to my board which is not compatible with my board and the change is irreversible. So even though physically my board is DG965WH it is now detected as DG965RY as reported by board id tool. I am unable to install intel audio drivers due to this, it says the drivers are not meant for your hardware device. I had tried updating the bios to the latest version and it was successfull too, but the bios and board id tool still reports it as DG965RY. so the problem i am facing cannot occur due to incorrect flashing of wrong bios over my motherboard. I had sent my board to the vendor for repair after it had stopped booting. It used to stuck at the POST bios screen. Now my board is booting and is workable even though identified as DG965RY with reduced capabilites. I am relieing on the drivers detected by windows as i have now trouble installing intel drivers for my board.  The vendor said he can fix it if we can get one more DG965WH motherboard. But after long search i am unable to find one now at my place. The DG965WH board is not available here now.I am planning to replace my board with new one.