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    what cables I need for NUC I7


      Hi there,

      I will get a brandnew NUC I7 next week.
      I have two samsung Screens, both with this big HDMI in Plug.
      am a bit confused with all this mini HDMI an all the other plugs. What adapter I need to use /buy to connect both screens via this big HDMI in to the NUC I7


      Sorry, but I dont know much about this plugs/standard

      .. and its not about audio!



      Thank you so much for reading this post and thanks for answers!


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          It will depend on which model you have. If you're getting a nuc6i7kyk (Skull Canyon), then you'll need two HDMI cables and one miniDisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter (or, alternately, one HDMI cable and one miniDisplayPort-to-HDMI cable).  If you have the nuc5i7ryh (Rock Canyon), then you'll need two HDMI cables, one miniDisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter, and one miniHDMI-to-HDMI adapter (or, alternately, one miniHDMI-to HDMI cable and one miniDisplayPort-to-HDMI cable).


          Basically, just look at the specs for the model you ordered. They'll tell you what graphics ports you have. Then buy the cables and/or adapters to connect them to HDMI.

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            Thank you very much to for the information posted previously.
            To :
            I just wanted to confirm the previous information as correct, it will depend on the model of the NUC, and also if by any chance you are interested in checking the specifications of the different NUC’s, here is the link for you to be able to see that:
            Any questions, please let me know.