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    Skylake Bios recovery mode failure - NUC6i bricked , any workaround ?


      Hi all,

      I've tried to update my NUC6iSYH Bios to last version (57) to get better M2 950 pro SSD perfs.

      i've followed Intel's instructions: BIOS Recovery Update Instructions for Intel® NUC (Power off, open the case and removed the yellow jumper, FAT 32 USB stick inserted with SY00057.BIO copied on, Power on again)


      Unfortunately a power outage in my building went and stopped the Bios update process just at the beginning (nothing was yet displayed on my screen).


      Power is OK again but my NUC is now bricked:

      - No more power blue LED when i switch the NUC on

      - No more USB stick led blinking when FAT32 stick with SY00057.BIO is inserted

      - No sound, no beeps

      - Nothing on the display (black)

      - Fan is running and network green led is blinking when RJ45 is connected, but nothing more !


      Is there some internal LED on the mother board to get error status ?


      What to do ? Any workaround to "reset" my NUC ?

      Thanks and regards.