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    i5 6400 high cpu usage when gaming(stutter, low fps) any fixes?


      my cpu is a i5 6400
      gpu is a msi rx 480 4gb gaming x 4gb
      motherboard is a msi h110m
      I have 8gb of ram


      I'm finding it extremely hard to game since I got this pc, my cpu's usage is way too high compared to benchmarks I've seen and I cant get stable or high fps in games due to it
      it's bottlenecking the heck out of my gpu, and I don't even know why considering it's a highly rated processor.
      Does anyone know if I can do anything to relieve this issue and start gaming without issue?
      any and all help would be would most welcome.


      Here is an example of what I'm talking aboutWatchDogs2_2017_01_25_21_32_53_381.png
      I understand the i5 6400 isnt a high end cpu but this level of bottleneck is insane, I'm not sure what I should, and can do about it.

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