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    Why does Intel persist on releasing .EXE drivers only?


      From Windows 3.0 to Windows Server 2016 datacenter...ALL editions and probably all future versions - ALL will use Plug'n'play based on .INF-files to install just the right driver. This makes it easy to install drivers, add new drivers to Windows PE / DaRT / etc. AND to ensure that just the right driver is installed.


      If one goes to Intel.com, chooses support, Wireless network driver for any new card...only .exe-files are found. Even so called .ZIP for IT administrators can't be found using the selectable menus, one has to use Google...only to find that even the IT administrator files (.ZIP) contains .EXE-now, making it impossible to include drivers in PE projects, ensure the right drivers etc. by checking the .INF file.


      WHY OH WHY does Intel keep on doing this?