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    Too many threads seem to be locked




      Trying to post in relatively old posts seem to be impossible, because most (if not all) old threads seem to be locked...


      Actually, I tried to add a post to

      More examples

      in order to add that I've included two new small projects made by students using Intel Galileo in the page ftinetti - Real-Time & Embedded Systems, with links to videos where some functionality is shown:

      Banco1 - YouTube

      video3 - YouTube


      Both small projects show Intel Galileo handling the devices provided by Grove Starter kit for Arduino, simple web interfaces, and the second one also includes a simple bluetooth communication (via a bluetooth HC-05 buetooth module).



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi FGT,

          Thank you for pointing this out. We’ve been noticing this as well and would like to let you know that some of us have already reported it, hopefully we will see some changes with the Lock feature in the near future.
          We appreciate you taking the time to add these two projects and sharing the link.