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    Intel realsense R200 cam considerations


      Hello to everyone,


      for someone who is looking for a 3D scanning app that's able to scan the body of someone using the Intel realsense R200 cam,I found this :


      itSeez3D for Intel® RealSense™ | itSeez3D


      maybe this is the only one that works so good with this kind of cam.


      Since I'm a newbie in the 3D animation,I asked to a more skilled 3D artist/animator/modeller how much valid could be the choice to buy a 3D cam like mine and he says this :


      Using this tools (he talks about intel realsense R200 + auto retopo software) you can get less dense mesh, but it won't be optimised for animation. You must remember, that mesh for the animation should be symmetrical and with denser edgeloops near joints. No tool is smart enough to do that (yet).


      So,what do you think about this ? I bought the intel realsense cam to make 3d models for the animations faster and easier,but now I find that with this tool I will not achieve the goal that I want,I'm not so happy because I think that I wasted my money. Is there a way to fix the problem mentioned ? thanks.