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    AES En/Decryption horribly slow With i5 6600K on Linux




      I hope that I am in the correct subforum...


      Sadly, I am experiencing horribly slow write rates on an AES encrypted (luks) partition under Linux. I am using an Intel i5 6600K and a Gigabyte GA-B150-HD3P Board,

      the Harddrive is connected to the USB 3 port and connected in USB 3 mode. The fact, that I am able to write to the second NTFS partition with about 70MB/s instead of 600KB/s,

      which is the speed I get when trying to write a file to the AES partition. I dont think that this is supposed to be like this, because I can write to the AES partition with a speed of about

      30MB/s with my laptop that features an i5 3320M Processor, also the i5 6600k does feature aes acceleration according to the ark.intel.com page.

      Is there anything I'm doing wrong?