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    43TF Temperature question


      I was happily watching a DVD movie on my computer when it stopped working.  It turned out that the temperature was too high.  Curses.  So now I need some expert advice.


      Somebody once told me that electronic stuff cools off in twenty minutes.  So I turned it off for twenty minutes or so and when I restarted it and went into the BIOS I saw the temperature reading rise and when they became stable it said...


      Prochot         -18

      Motherboard    30

      MCH               45

      ICH                 68




      Being something of a hardware geek I took the motherboard out of the case along with everything else and set it on my desktop and hooked everything up and the temperatures were just as high even though the heatsink was cool to the touch.  Then I placed a 120mm fan directly on top of the heatsink and that only lowered the temperatures by a degree or two.  So I figured that the CPU I was using was a couple of years old and had been swapped between a few different motherboards over the years and maybe the transistors that give the temperature readings were fried.  Intel is nice enough to sell high powered 775 CPUs at a reasonable price so I spent ninety dollars with newegg to get an up to date dual core CPU.  The new CPU yielded an impressive improvement to the Windows Experience Index as opposed to the old CPU but the temperature reading were just as high.  Now this really has me curious.  The heatsink is firmly attached to the CPU with a layer of Artic Silver as per instructions.  The heatsink fan is spinning at a nice 1500 RPM and there is a second fan on top of the heatsink and the heatsink is cool when I touch it.


      My other desktop computer is an I-7 with a similar heatsink and the BIOS on that one indicates a CPU temperature of about 105 F.  So I cannot see how this one shows a ICH of 68 C.


      I updated the BIOS to the latest version and that went slick but did not help with the unusually high ICH reading.


      I have done most everything I can do and the temperature reading in the BIOS is still stubbornly high.


      Any thoughts on what could be causing this malfunction?


      If anyone wants a vintage Core 2 Duo or whatever it is called let me know and I will mail it to you for no charge.


      Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

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          After further thought I have concluded that the motherboard must be borked.  Once you eliminate everything else what is left is the answer.  The CPU is brand new so it cannot be at fault.  The heatsink/fan/fan is firmly in contact with the top of the CPU so it is not a heat exchange issue.  Since the heatsink is in contact with the top of the CPU and the heatsink is cool to the touch the CPU cannot be that hot.  Either that 68 C temperature reading is just plain wrong or I am just plain not understanding something.


          I have bench tested a lot of computers on my desktop and the CPU temp has never been above 110 degrees until this one which shows an incredible 160 degrees.  Something must be wrong with this motherboard.  It is certainly not overclocked and it is set at default settings.  There is no way in the world that it can be idling at 160 degrees instead of 105 degrees other than faulty readings.  At least that is what I have concluded.

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            First of all, the ICH (I/O Controller Hub) is a separate chip on the motherboard. It has nothing to do with your processor or its cooling solution. Secondly, a temperature of 68c is not that high at all. Starting with the 965 chipset, the ICH utilizes a Thermal Sensor (DTS) that is located at a hotspot on the die. As a result, you will see higher temperature readings than those seen with previous chipsets. From one version of the ICH to another, there is some variance in the temperatures that the device can sustain, but the limits are well above this level (typically in the 90-100 degree range). You can consult the documentation for your particular chipset for the exact number (known as the Tcontrol temperature)...

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              Yep completly agree, the temps were absolutely fine.

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                Thanks for the helpful replies.  My mind is at ease.