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    Failure: S3420GPV cannot handle Hard Drives larger than 2TB in AHCI Mode



      we urgently need help... any ideas?

      we have Problems with two identical 4TB harddisks. we use the harddisks only for datastorage, no booting. No RAID.

      Only AHCI mode!

      The server recognize the 4TB on each drive. When dataspace reach more than 2TB data amount, drive controller get the failure.

      It seems that, when we store more than 2TB on the 4TB harddrives, die GPT partitiontable changes to the volume to RAW format and the data get lost.

      We use 2 drives, we tested each harddrive.  Both drives seems to be ok. And we can reproduce the failure

      System Error log found a controller ERROR,  Disk , ID:11

      Motherboard: S3420GPV S1156

      Operating System: Win2008 R2 SP1
      BIOS Version: S3420GP.86B.01.00.0053.081120151728, BIOS Date: 08/11/2015
      AHCI-MOde check seems ok,
      INtel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series SATA AHCI Controller, Intel, 08.06.2010, version:

      PLease see attached SERVER01_2.HTM for more systeminformations.
      It seems that Intel
      S3420GPV cannot handle Harddrives larger than 2TB in AHCI mode ?

      Please help, what we can do to get it running...
      Feel free to contact us for further informations...