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    Intel RealSense 3D Camera driver not installed


      Hello to everyone,


      I've bought this :


      Intel® RealSense™ Developer Kit for Tablets R200


      I've attached it to a several USB 3.0 ports,I've installed the driver and the SDK from here :




      and finally,I've installed this game to try if it works :


      Download Sempre in movimento ondata gioco per la videocamera Intel ® RealSense ™


      as soon as I start the game installation,it says :


      intel realsense 3d camera driver not installed. But it is not true,because from the control panel everything seems to work correctly,check the attached pictures,thanks.

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          The Warrior Wave game, which is the one that you installed, is for the F200 and RS-300 'desktop' cameras, whilst you are using the R200 'mobile' camera.  They are not the same hardware.  So the camera is likely working with no problem.



          I'm afraid I could not find an alternative R200 program to test your camera with.  Available applications seem to be mostly for the F200 and SR-300, as the R200 was designed for outdoor image processing rather than playing games with the hands and face like the desktop cams.  I recommend trying one of the sample applications for the R200 in the Sample Browser application that comes packaged with the SDK.  Usually the browser is installed to our desktop in a folder called 'Intel RealSense SDK Gold'.  Good luck!

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            Hi mario_zio,

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