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    General RAID questions


      I'm new to RAID, so forgive my elementary questions.


      I instaled a RAID 1 array a couple of days ago.  Thsi morning I got a message there was a problem with one of the drives, and the array was degraded.  Using IMSM I am rebuilding the drive (as we speak).


      The drives are new.  Is a degraded array a frequent thing?  In my case it _might_ have been caised by a program that crashed while copying some large files to the new array.  I am hoping that rebuilding the drive will clear up any software errors - of course there's always the possibility of a new drive going bad.


      Regarding maintenence operations on an array:


      Can you use CHKDSK to verify the files and file system on an array? Or do you rely on the Intel software/hardware to maintain integrity of the files?  If  I am getting 'both drives green' in the display console can I rely on that as a sign that the data is protected?  I am new to RAIS and I must admit, a little uneasy about abandoning my image backups.


      Also do you 'defrag' RAID drives?


      Thanks in advance