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    Electricity Blackout during Reset of Operating System (Windows 10)




      It is about 1A32WFC stick. I bought it with Windows 8 operating system. I have done the upgrade in summer 2016.

      Unfortunately, I was facing WLAN troubles. I have upgraded the firmware to latest version (23.1.2017), also the network driver and the graphics driver.

      The WLAN connectivity problem still existed, so I decided to reset the stick.


      It took quite a while until the recovery started, the circle showed 10% recovery and the bottom line showed 16% driver installation.

      Then I had an electrical failure, black out. After electricity was back, the  stick started but tells me, that the recovery was not finished and has to be restarted.

      By pressing OK, hitting ESC, or pressing the "X", the stick reboots and I am stuck in this loop.


      When I am hitting F8 during boot sequence, it tells me that there is no bootable control system available, I should use an USB stick to boot.


      What now? How can I get the computer to reinstall?