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    DP55SB, BIOS KGIBX10J.86A.4507.2010.0105.1706, Loss of Blu-Tooth module in Win7-64b


      I was running the old 05Aug2009 BIOS on a DP55SB motherboard and was able to use the integrated Blu-Tooth (BT) module on the motherboard without any difficulty using a Win7 64 system. I updated the BIOS to the 05Jan2010 version and now the OS does not see the BT module and allow for the discovery of BT devices. I have entered the BIOS setup and looked at the USB port and BT settings and both are set to ENABLE. I did not notice this loss of BT function immediately after installation and repeated the BIOS upgrade on a sister motherboard. That is when I discovered the BT problem. I now have two DP55SB motherboards with the 05Jan2010 BIOS installed, and both have the same issue with the OS not seeing the integrated BT module. Has anyone else see this problem and found a work around solution to the issue? I need this new BIOS upgrade to get the eSATA port and MARVEL RAID to work. Without the BIOS upgrade, the OS is not able to see the eSATA drive on a consistent bases.