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    How to define an application trigger to move from screen profil to another one ?




      I have three monitors connected to my PC. I would like to use them differently according to what I am doing.

      In case I am alone in my office, I am using Monitor 1 and Monitor 2 by Extending Monitor 1 to Monitor 2.

      In case I am doing a meeting in my office,  I am using Monitor 1 cloned with Monitor 3.

      I have declared in the "Software "GD Intel Graphics configuration panel two profiles : Olivier Bureau and Olivier shared. Then I would like to switch quickly from one profile to the second one without opening this configuration tool.

      I have seen that in the profile, we can configure an application trigger. If I start one specific application, the two profiles can switch automatically. I have tried to use some trigger as Wordpad or  Excel, but without any success.

      Have you already experimented that option ? Did it work fine ?

      I would like some some helps in order to make it work. The aim would be to create a two dummy exe file, copy them on my desktop and click on one of them to move from one profile to another one.


      Thank youCapture olivier bureau.PNG