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    NUC DC3217IYE Very slow wired internet


      Hi All,

      Had this unit for about 2 years from new and using it to run Openelec for my home theatre only. I have it connected via wired internet to my router and whenever I switch on the NUC the internet speed ( both wired and wireless) drops from 150 Mbps to around 5 - 10Mbps. The NUC has no wireless card and is only connected via a CAT 5 cable to the router. I have run a speed test on the NUC via Ookla and it confirms what the other computers and ipads show during a speed test : the internet speed drops from 150 to 5 MBps.


      I have tried the following but to no avail:


      1. Change cables.

      2.Change position of cables going into the socket of the router.

      3. Rebooting the router.

      4. Reinstalling Openelec 6.0.3

      5. Installing Openelec 7.0.1

      6. Verifying  by hooking up another computer /laptop

      7. Having my cable company verify that the internet speed was stable and not being throttled.


      Could anyone give me pointers to what I could be doing wrong or if this is a known problem as I cannot see anything simillar on my searches. Thanks.