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    JavaScript Websocket problem


      i just installed realsense SDK 2016 R3 on new intel nuc skull canyon + new camera (SR300)
      the JavaScript WS not working(c# and others work fine) :

      {"error":{"code":400,"errors":[{"domain":"CapabilityProxy","extendedHelp":"","message":"","reason":"CP-001","sendReport":""}],"message":"Invalid parameter received in request.","requestId":0}


      {"data": {"kind": "healthcheck", "isHealthy": true, "name": "capabilityProxy", "build": "1008", "version": "1.9.1"}}


      i try to reinstall ITA , websetup--> not working

      RealSense Sample Gesture Detection App

      this site return

      Hosted version of Intel SDK Javascript sample:

      Please download the latest runtime to run this app

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