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    Re: Dual i210 implimentation


      Further design support with the implementation of mulitple Intel i210 NICs on a system board.

      The design has x3 i210 devices. One i210 is on the system CPU module (E3875 Intel Baytrail). The other x2 i210 devices are on the system carrier board.

      I can only able operate x2 i210 device simultaneously(x1 on the CPU and x1 on the carrier board). When a 3rd i210 is enabled the device manager shows an exclamation mark.

      I do not have a hardware issue as I have tested all the devices independently.  Each device as its own PCI lane. I have tried different configuration modes for the i210’s. ie. Configured all with 1533 device ID. Configured x2 as 157B device ID and 3rd as device ID 1533. Configured x2 as 1533 device and the other as 157B.

      Do I need to change the device, sub device ID for one of the i210 on the carrier board? If so how do I change the device ID

      Please let me know if further detail is required.