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    NUC6i7KYK USB Bootable media not being detected (Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device) Windows 7


      Alright so before any of you go and say, did you reading the blanking manual the answer is yes.


      I have created and .iso image with the proper USB 3.0 drivers in it, also I have created a Bootable media device with the USB 3.0 drivers in it as with as the NvME drivers.
      My problem is that no matter what the setting the NUC6i7KYK well not detect any bootable media on any USB Drive. In the bios I have checked the files on the USB to make sure they are being detected by computer and they are, I tried numerous setups in the bios to no avail. Im wondering if im missing something here. The only things I have connected are a keyboard and a USB Flash drive (Im switching back and forth between the .iso , and the boot) neither get detected.



      If it matters there is 16gb ram

      and a 256gb Crucial SSD they are detected.