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    Can't Download Realsense SDK 2016R3


      Hey Guys,


      For the life of me I can't download the Realsense SDK2016 R3 full. I can only seem to download the essentials. Could someone kindly post a link to the Full 2016 R3 SDK? When I go on my product page it only lets me select 2016R2 and noting more!


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          R3 is a significant departure from the previous SDKs in the way that it is structured.  From R3 onwards, the SDK is modular instead of having everything in one large package.  The aim of this is to reduce the install size of the SDK by not forcing people to download functions that they will never use.


          You need to install the Essentials module first and then the additional modules that you require for your project.  If you want the full SDK then download and install all of the listed modules.  As you observed, there is not an option to download a full R3 package on the download page that you have been using.


          The R3 SDK modules are all in the 'SDK Components Download' section halfway down the download page.


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            That makes a lot of sense, we did get it right then! Next issue is to fix the crashing on the hand tracking demos!