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    It seems Windows 10 decided to destroy my opengl drivers


      I updated to Windows 10 from Win 7 on a dell inspiron laptop running core duo processor and series 4 chipset, many many months ago. After the update I have enjoyed playing several opengl games ie return to castle wolfenstein, until a month ago (about). I have not tried to play since that time, until I tried to run the game tonight, at which time it crashed and told me that opengl could not start.

      I have scoured the internet looking for a solution to no avail. The supposed solutions I found did not work or were not for my chipset.

      Because windows compatibility said I could update with no problem I did. I found most of the new bells and whistles sort of useful until some of my graphics games and programs like Blender recently quit working. Going back to 7 is not an option!! Does anyone have any Ideas on how to solve this, or am I stuck??

      I am not and IT genius so any help I get needs to be in layman's terms.

      Thank You in advance