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    Power throttling when AC adapter plugged in (TDP Throttle)


      Hi, everyone!


      My laptop (Acer Aspire E1-570) throttles the package power when plugged in. (From battery everything is OK)


      Because of power throttling my Intel HD 4000 doesn't gain needed power so, clock speed goes down and it can't boost.


      It maybe laptop doing that for faster charging or also maybe it's Intel's power limitting.


      So, how can I disable this power throttling (TDP Throttle)? Because of this I can't play games in minimum requirements.


      Note: It's not power options issue, I checked that several tiimes.

      And don't confuse it with CPU Clock throttling. CPU clock speed is at maximum. Only Intel HD clock speed goes down due to package power throttling (I think).


      Thank you in advance!


      Monitoring during FurMark GPU stress testing. As you see the package power is 7W and Intel HD's clock speed is 349 Mhz. But it must be 20 w to be able to boost Intel HD clock speed.

      stress test.jpg

      Guess it will help. What is Ring/Package Power Limit Exceeded?