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    i7-3700 temperature going till 100 C each core when CPU temperature shows 30 C




      I have DX77GA-70K board with i7-3700 Processor. It is almost 2 year old and was working fine till last week. Not sure what triggered it  but the machine got shutdown multiple times with BSOD and after doing some troubleshooting i found that the issue is with Processor temperature.

      I figured out the processor is taking till 100C per core.

      I had Corsair H 60 cooling fixed on it. There was never a need to change to any fan settings from BIOS since it was working fine with default configuration.

      I then used the default Processor fan that comes inside the Box and for a day it was fine. But after two days again the same problem started.


      I am bit confused from above output. Core temperature is the one that is going till 100 C when CPU temperature stays below 40. Can someone suggest how to deal with this issue? The last major change I did is updating BIOS to latest available version.