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    Firmware Updater not detecting my Galileo


          Hello, for the last two days I have been attempting to get my Galileo setup, but it's been nothing but a headache. This is my second time on this mission, and it seem more complicated now sense me and a lot of other people have loss hope in intels embedded products.

          I downloaded the fimware updater from intels download page, It keeps telling me that its con detecting my device on the com port. I use putty to communicate with galileo on the same com port, so whats up with that?!



         On another note, I'm at a point where "my mission is to do something, but the product I have probably isn't the right one for the task!". Seriously, it's going to take two weeks for me to get an bootable-image going at this point, sounds way to complicated. Im going through a pro's and con's thing with my desire to just start using the Rapberry Pi, which hopefully not, isn't as complicated as the Intel Galileo is, has better community support, and has a more organized and structured setup process.

         The only thing that has me sticking around is the fact that my lack of sucess with the intel galileo may be my own incompetence, but maybe I'm wrong, maybe its the product itself.