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    Fragging in windows 10 while playing fifa 17


      So, i have a little problem: when i play fifa 17 full screen and after few minutes of playing, i tap "ALT"&"TAB" and in desktop i'm fragging while i move the mouse, and after i close fifa it's all just fine. If i play fifa 17 Windowed it's all ok, no fraggs. I tested in Cs:go and there is no problem at all.

      While gaming cpu and ram utilisation ( task manager always on top):

      fifa 17 window - up to 60% cpu , and 5.1 gb ram ( out of 8)

      fifa 17 full screen - can't open fifa ( acctually i opend fifa but i just hear, i cant see, * same problem like if TeamViewer cant play in full screen if logged in

      cs:go full screen  - up yo 97% cpu ( i dont think thats ok) , and 4.5-5.0  gb ram ( out of 8)

      PC specs:

      cpu :i7 6700k 4.00ghz ( boost at 4.2 ) 1.30v

      gpu :gtx 960 4gb ram

      motherboard : asus z170 a

      RAM : hyperX 8gb 2400mhZ 1.35v ( xmp profile)

      SSD : Samsung Evo 750 500gb

      HDD : WD green caviar 1TB 5400rpm

      PSU : SuperFlower 550w

      Cpu cooler : Noctua nhd14

      OS : windows 10 pro 64 bit


      I mention that the gpu is't mine ! I borrowed from someone and i will buy a new one.

      It's any chance to be a bottleneck?


      Thanks in advance.