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    Coil Whine in Asus Laptop from intel HD graphics 530


      Hello to everyone!

      This is my first topic on this forum, and I expect you can help me with this annoying problem that has been disturbing me for some days.

      Recently, I bought an ASUS R510V laptop with freeDOS as OS, 8 GB RAM, intel i7 6700HQ, GTX 950M as dedicated GPU, and intel HD graphics 530 as integrated GPU.

      About 2 weeks after installing Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14 I realized that, sometimes, a high-pitched noise came from inside the laptop (hear the noise). Surfing the internet I came to the conclusion that is coil whine, and I think its origin is the intel integrated graphics. First of all, this noise is produced only while using windows (not in ubuntu, where I can only use GTX 950M GPU), specially in the screen that appears when an application needs special permissions, or in applications like Google Chrome. I have updated my Intel drivers too.



      But the most strange thing I have discovered recently is: this noise does not show up while the Intel Driver Update Utility or the Intel Graphics HD control panel are running in foreground.



      Do you have any idea why is this happening? Any suggestion to solve this problem apart from having Intel Driver Update Utility or the Intel Graphics HD control panel running?



      Thank you so much anyway and sorry for my English!

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