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    Power Limit PL1 resets after ~10 mins


      I have an i7-6600U and use XTU After setting PL1 to 20W either in the app or through the command line it does not throttle due to PL1, however, after a given time, I'd guess 5-10 minutes, it resets to 10 watts no matter what. If I set it to 20w and let it idle it resets after some time. The same happens if I stress test it. Actual PL1 is read with HWiNFO, but the fact that it has reset is also verified by that it starts to PL1 throttle. Then, if I reapply PL1 to say 19 or 21W, it stops throttling for some time until it resets again. I don't think that CPU or GPU voltage offsets resets but I'm not sure how to really verify that.

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