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    I need help with my project


      Touchless-Desktop-Controller/Touchless Desktop Controller at master · Bostrot/Touchless-Desktop-Controller · GitHub

      i m doing this project, could any assist me with step by step process?

      i m getting this error, the command if anycpu..x869copy/y.... like this.

      i ma using vs 17 for this project

      i have attached the error i m facing.

      please help me with error and step by step process.

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          I see two possibilities to start the investigation of the problem with.


          1.  Are you using the latest R3 version of the SDK?  This SDK has had the Touchless Controller deprecated from it according to the "sticky" at the top of the forum about R3, whereas older SDKs such as version R2 still have it.  Deprecated usually means "scheduled for removal in a future version" rather than "immediately removed".   A check of the release notes for R3's Essentials module lists the Touchless Controller as Removed, meaning that it has already been taken out.




          If you are using R3 and the program is trying to access Touchless Controller code that is no longer there, that might be part of the problem.


          2.  If you are not using R3 ...


          Reading through the error, it looks like it is trying to do the following:


          IF the program is running in an old 32-bit operating system (known as x86)


          THEN copy the libpxccpp2c.dll file (basically the main control file for the RealSense camera) from the SDK's 32-bit directory folder into a new directory location, C:/MyRealSenseProjects/helloworld/helloworld/bin/Debug


          ELSE if the operating system is not a 32-bit x86 (e.g it is a modern 64-bit OS like Windows 10) then copy the 64-bit version of the libpxccpp2c.dll file from the x64 (64-bit) SDK directory folder to C:/MyRealSenseProjects/helloworld/helloworld/bin/Debug


          Basically, this piece of code seems to have the purpose of checking whether your Windows OS is 32-bit or 64-bit and then copying the appropriate RealSense file to C:/MyRealSenseProjects/helloworld/helloworld/bin/Debug


          The reason why such a copying would need to take place is that the original Bin folder of the SDK is usually read-only, meaning that data cannot be written to the folder and so programs launched from that folder won't work properly.  The files therefore need to be copied to a new location that is both read and write.


          Comparing the code in the error against the folder structure in the SDK, I suspect that the creator of that example may have made a typing error in the folder names.  They are trying to access RSSDK/binwin32libpxccpp2c.dll and RSSDK/binx64libpxccpp2c.dll    But it seems to be missing a slash or two.


          The actual structure is RSSDK/bin/win32/libpxccpp2c.dll  and RSSDK/bin/x64/libpxccpp2c.dll


          I recommend checking the code to see if it is written like it is above, with the slashes in. It may be that the code is fine and the error message displayed is just taking out the slashes.


          Please comment here again if you still have problems after that.

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            Hello dmitri123,

            Did MartyG's suggestion helped you? Or, are you still having issues? Either way, please let us know and we'll try to help you in any way we can.


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