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    System won't boot

      Motherboard: Intel DP55WG Media Series

      CPU: i5-750 LGA1156

      Memory: Corsair (I know I know ) 1333MHz 1.5V 2GB x2

      Video Card: GeForce 8800 GTS

      Power Supply: Antec 750W


      That's all I'm limiting myself to until I am able to get this thing to even boot up. The system will turn on for about 3 seconds before shutting itself off, then repeating again and again. On a previous board (Asus) this was fixed by removing the 8pin power connector, but it still would not POST. With this board if I remove the second power cord it only turns on for half a second before shutting off. I have had a few friends come over to double check my work and I'm sure nothing is missing.. any hints on what the problem could be? Any help would be appreciated!


      So far I have:


      Reseated -everything-

      Removed CMOS battery for a minute

      Plugged/Unplugged/Replugged everything

      Switched out power supplies

      Switched out memory

      Switched out chassis


      I just can't believe I could possibly get another board that doesn't work from TigerDirect.. Asus tech support just kept telling me to send them back for replacements. I would love to believe the Intel community would know what I might be doing wrong..