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    S5520HC blocks traffic


      Hi. There is a server with the matherbord S5520HC, Windows  Server 2008 r2 and several virtual machines on a Hyper-V. There are two network cards on the server, the first one is used directly by the server, another one is for the virtual machines.

      There is a serious problem with blocking traffic from some of the computers on the network to the server and all the virtual machines. In case if I change IP address of the computer it discovers the server and all virtual servers for a while but later traffic blocking is enabled again. I assume that happens due to Trusted Execution technology. I have tried to turn it offin the BIOS but I have found the only "Execute disable bit" option. If I turn off this option - the virtual machines can be run due to not running the hypervisor.

      I need your advice how to turn off the traffic blocking?