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    Reset to Non-Raid Intel Rapid Storage Technology Windows 10 need a lot of help


      Well, I wanted to take advantage of Intel rapid storage technology features to protect data,  also because it was annoying to get warnings about using IRTS, however after creating RAID 1 and a Recovery volumen, I realice that I was limitted to use the storage capacity of the smallest hard drive, being a 128 GB SSD (actually just 78 GB free space with everyting on it) , I also have a regular 1 TB hard drive in my configuration, so that just does not work for me.


      I´ve been Reading and find out that I could do that by getting into ROM utility, however by pressing CRTL+I wont get into ROM utility, I dont know if this is because I,m using Windows 10 or the IRST version However I really would like to use both of my HDD in an independent way as it used to be. Any help from Intel itself or anyone would be really appreciated. 


      Laptop Acer Predator G9-793

      OS:  Windows 10 Home

      Currently config : RAID 1

      HDD #1: 128 Gb SSD

      HDD #2: 1TB SATA HDD

      CPU: i7-6700HQ

      IRST versión:


      If there is more information I could provide to solve this issue let me know, and thanks In advance.