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    Iris Pro 580 [NUC6i7KYK] Skull Canyon Can't be Benchmarked (Win10pro)


      Tried running 3DMarks basics, but it says there are no benchmarks that my system can run. It claims I need a DX12 capable card. I ran DXdiag and saw that my card was listed as basic Microsoft display device, so I looked at device manager. The card was listed as an Iris Pro 580. The DM icon had the yellow triangle, so I looked at drivers, and I saw error code 43.


      I uninstalled the card and deleted drivers.

      I then [re]installed

      (once) using the most recent stable [.4542]

      (and again) using latest beta [.4552] drivers from Intel.


      Still no dice. At this point I am starting to wonder...

      How do I figure out whether I have a faulty unit or whether there is something else I need/should be doing besides uninstalling and reinstalling all manner of drivers? Could it be a windows 10 issue?


      The following link leads to a word file compilation of images (that can be viewed directly in browser), depicting everything I have faced. It also describes my system and software settings.


      While on the topic... Is the Integrated Graphics Control Panel available on Windows 10 pro? I can't find it. And no amount of [re]installing of the drivers seems to make it available to me.


      Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.