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    Intel HD 4000 clock rate issue


      I have a laptop Acer Aspire E1-570 with Core i3 3227U CPU and Intel HD 4000 graphics. (It was Windows 10 but now running Windows 7 64 bit, the issue present at both)

      I have a problem with Intel HD 4000 graphics. When I play games (such as Paladins at low graphics) from battery power GPU clock rate shows up to 1100 Mhz (sometimes higher).

      But when I plug the AC power GPU clock rate goes down to 350 Mhz and stuck there. So, FPS goes down too.

      I have tried a lot of things.

      Power options High Performance for battery and from AC. CPU min and max rate 100%. Intel HD graphics - High Performance.

      I tried different version of Intel HD drivers.

      I tried Intel Diagnostics tool and it says everything is OK.

      I tried GPU stress test with FurMark and again GPU clock rate not going up from 350 Mhz.


      So, can you give me a good solution for this issue?


      Note: There is no SpeedStep (EIST) option and any other option in my BIOS and it's latest version.