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    SR300 doesn't work


      i can't use SR300.

      Please watch the images.




      The picture is dark.





      Other camera is working.

      Other camera.jpg




      When I use Xsplit.

      Xsplit and SR300.jpg




      Other camera works.

      Xsplit and other camera.jpg




      Ther is no problem in my PC's Spec.



      Windows 10 Pro 64bit

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4960X CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60GHz

      64.0GB RAM Memory

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Black





      I'm not using SR300 for any other program at the same time.


      I already installed these.









      but SR300 doesn't work.


      What should I do?

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          To clarify: what Oto is doing above is showing how the SR-300 camera does not generate a picture, but another type of camera does (Microsoft Lifecam).  He is not running two SR-300 cameras on the same computer.


          Oto, if you have the SDK and DCM installed and they appear to be working, then the next question that I would ask is: are you using Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14986, 15002 or 15007?  RealSense cameras and the Windows Hello login are currently not working in these Insider builds.


          If you are not using one of these Insider builds for your Windows 10, the next thing I would check is if the camera's green light on its front panel is lit when you are trying to use the camera.

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            Thank you for the reply.




            My Windows10 is 10.0.14393.





            And the green light doesn't lit when I use Xsplit and AG-Web.

            doesn't lit.jpg




            But the green light lit when I set up the Windows Hello.

            Though the picture of my face was not displayed.




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              Someone on this forum had a problem with their camera using Build 14393 six days ago.  In their case, the DCM would not install because their camera was not being detected.


              DCM SR300 Will not install


              I think that with any problem with the camera where a recent Windows Insider build is being used, that may be a strong candidate for the cause of the problem.  Whilst the majority of RealSense camera failure reports started with Build 14986, there have been occasional reports of problems going as far back as Build 14257.



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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                Hi Oto,


                Thanks for your interest in the Intel Realsense Platform.


                Analyzing your computer specs, we see that your computer doesn't meet the hardware requirements for the SR300 (System Requirements for Intel® RealSense™ Camera SR300 ), see your processor generation.


                Still there are some cases where the camera works, please follow MartyG suggestions.


                We will be waiting for your reply, have a nice day!


                Best Regards,

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                  Hi, thanks for the reply.


                  My CPU is 4960x.

                  Do you mean I have to change the CPU to 7700k or something?

                  4960x was very expensive.

                  I don't wanna change this.

                  Can't I use SR300 with 4960x?

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                    It looks like Core i7-4960X is a third generation Ivy Bridge processor.  The minimum spec for the SR-300 is a sixth generation Skylake processor.  Even the SR-300's predecessor the F200 had a fourth generation Haswell processor as its minimum spec.


                    Your options are therefore very limited.  An old processor is not completely useless with the camera - they can sometimes be used for simple tasks such as RGB video or processing raw camera data - but for the most part you won't be able to access anything like the full potential of the RealSense camera.


                    The cheapest option for getting Skylake would probably be just to buy a Skylake PC rather than try to buy parts and fit them to an existing machine.  Intel is now up to 7th generation Kaby Lake, with 8th generation Coffee Lake coming up after that in 2017.   So as Skylake is "old tech" now even though it's only been out a couple of years (CPUs move so fast!), a Skylake PC would probably be quite affordable now.  Of course, affordable is relative to how much money you have


                    I hope you find a solution that works out for you.

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                      Thank you.

                      OK, I will buy the new CPU.





                      I bought new Motherboard and CPU and Memory.



                      ROG STRIX Z270G GAMING | Motherboards | ASUS Global








                      This is my spec.


                      Windows 10 Pro 64bit

                      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz 4.20GHz

                      64.0GB RAM Memory

                      NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Black





                      I installed all the drivers.

                      Intel® RealSense™ Cameras

                      Intel® RealSense™ SDK | Intel® Software


                      But I still can't use SR300.

                      The camera is green of only 640x480.




                      Is there still something I have to do?

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                        Your new processor is the current 7th generation Kaby Lake.  SR300's specification only needs a 6th generation Skylake as a minimum.  So you are fine now with the processor.  So that isn't likely to be the problem.  Likewise, you have Windows 10, so that is fine too, and your Titan graphics is more than enough to run RealSense well.


                        Usually, if you get a low resolution like 640x480 on your computer then it means that the drivers for your graphics card are not installed.  If this is the case then you should download and install the latest drivers for your Titan card.  You may have got an installation dvd with your Nvidia card that you can use to install the driver.


                        If you do not have an installation dvd, you can download the driver via the Nvidia Experience interface.




                        Edit: I should add that if you have rebuilt your PC and done a clean re-install of Windows 10, it may look as though your graphics are working.  But if you have not re-installed the drivers for your graphics card then the PC uses its own integrated graphics chip on the motherboard instead.  This makes the Windows desktop look okay, but when you go to run a program when you need to choose a high graphics resolution, you find that the options to do so are missing.

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                          Thank you for the reply.


                          After I exchanged the Motherboard and CPU and Memory,

                          I did the clean install of Windows7, and then I upgraded to Windows10.

                          That was yesterday.


                          And now, I installed the new driver for my TITAN


                          but nothing changed.


                          When I choose the

                          "Intel(R) Realsense(TM) Camera SR300 RGB",

                          the picture is dark and the SR300's green light doesn't lit.

                          And I can choose the resolution 1920x1080 and etc.



                          When I choose the

                          "Intel(R) Realsense(TM) Camera SR300 Depth",
                          the picture is green and the SR300's green light lits.

                          And I only can choose the resolution 640x480.



                          Is there any hint to solve this problem?

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                            I did not know you were using a program called Facerig until I looked at the full size pictures.  I wondered why I had not seen the program in your pictures before!  So it is not a program that came packaged with the SDK.  I did some research on it, and it is not just you.  Other people have had their resolution set to 640x480 too.  It apparently happens because the resolution settings of Facerig get corrupted on start up of the program and it reverts to 640x480.


                            The creators of Facerig says: "A small workaround to this is to go to Documents\Holotech\FaceRig\UserCfg\ and open config.usc with a text editor, then change the values for r_width to 1920 and r_height to 1080 and see if the save gets corrupted again."


                            Also, apparently Facerig does not support RealSense by default, and you need to download and install a free plugin to give it RealSense compatibility.


                            FaceRig support for Intel® RealSense™ on Steam


                            And there is a free version of Facerig called IR Facerig that is designed to work only with RealSense.



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                              Thanks for the reply.

                              But Facerig has nothing to do with this problem.


                              This is Webcamera software.

                              Choosing "Depth".

                              Image is green.

                              SR300's green light lits.



                              This is Xsplit.

                              I can choose only "RGB".

                              I don't know why.

                              And the image is dark.

                              SR300's green light doen't lit.



                              This is the setup window of Windows Hello.

                              The image is white but it basecally transmit the picture, means my face.

                              SR300's green light lits.



                              I think it is the problem of SR300.

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                                XSplit and AG-Web record RGB video.  They do not use RealSense functions such as depth and infra-red and are just using the RealSense camera as an ordinary webcam.  So I would not expect them to offer more than just an RGB option.  If you are choosing Depth in AG-Web then you are giving it data from the camera's depth analysis camera that it cannot process, as it is not programmed for depth data (which is not the same thing as a video picture).  You should be choosing 'Intel RealSense Camera SR300 RGB'.


                                Still, the camera's green light should come on when using RGB webcam video in XSplit (I know this because I use XSplit with my F200 camera myself).

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                                  Thanks for the reply.


                                  My SR300 doesn't work even as an ordinary webcam.

                                  It shows nothing but dark.


                                  These are pictures when I'm choosing RGB.



                                  When I'm choosing RGB, SR300's green light doesn't lit.

                                  The point is, SR300 is not working when it's RGB.


                                  Isn't there any method to find the cause of this trouble?




                                  I uploaded the video that i'm trying to use SR300.

                                  SR300 - YouTube

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                                    There is a camera testing program called Camera Explorer.  You can find it if you type the word camera into the 'Ask me anything' box on the bottom of Windows next to the button where you shut the computer down.  This programs lists the RealSense cameras you have attached to your computer.


                                    If you click on one of the listed cameras then it brings up a testing program.



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