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    Debugging Board issue


      I am trying to see if I have a bad Board. I powered  up my board, and various LED's lit up, however I can't get any video output via HDMI.  ( I had to buy a special Micro HDMI cable) . I Then tried to plug the board up to  a Mac via a USB 3 Cable (basically a USB Hard  drive cable) , and using Apple's USB prober to see if the board comes up in Device mode , (at least you would see the descriptors), I got nothing.


      Is there a debug serial port I can use to see if the board is booting up?


      At this point, I have a very expensive $400 door stop.


      Any suggestions on how to proceed?


      I think Intel needs to provide better documentation on setting this board up. There are a lot of connectors (and some of them are not keyed).