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    Skyrim Special Edition Audio issues Windows 10 Pro x64



      The good news:


      the latest Intel Graphics Card beta fixes the graphic issues on Skyrim Special Edition.



      The bad news:


      in-game audio does not work on Skyrim Special Edition in full screen mode.



      The issue:


      When using Intel Display Audio and full screen mode, in game audio stops working once the Bethesda logo has disappeared





      I have tested 5 different HDMI to HDMI cables and a DisplayPort to HDMI cable, same result

      I have tested using a 100% new and untouched Windows 10 installation and a 100% new Skyrim SE installation, same result





      A) in game audio works perfectly on Intel Display Audio when running in windowed mode.


      B) in game audio works perfectly in both windowed mode and full screen mode when using the RealTek HD audio (tested with both front and rear jacks)


      C) the following steps gives a single instance of in game audio working in full screen with Intel Display Audio:


           1) completely uninstall Intel Display Audio driver; reboot or refresh so that the default High Definition Audio driver from Microsoft installs


           2) Start Skyrim SE (make sure the launcher is set to full screen) and let it run until the Bethesda logo disappears


           3) select quit from the game menu


           4) manually update Intel Display Audio driver with either the older 8.20 or newer 10.22 drivers included in the graphics card updates


           5) do not reboot


           6) restart Skyrim SE and let it run until it gets to the game menu, you should hear a drum beat and chanting after the logo disappears


           7) select quit again


           8) restart Skyrim SE again, now there will be no audio present after the logo disappears

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