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    Legacy BIOS PXE F10 Boot Confusion


      I am using an imaging solution to perform unattended imaging to a NUC6i5SYH.


      I must install/use Win7x64.


      The NUC contains a single 256GB M.2 NVMe drive.


      The BIOS is set to Legacy boot, with boot priority as 1) LAN 2) M.2


      When booting from LAN, if there is no imaging task, the imaging solution will fallback to booting from the M.2 drive.


      For an unknown reason, when booting from LAN, the only way I can get the fallback to work is if I press "F10" when the NUC is booting.


      To be clear, I press "F10", I select LAN, which will then fallback to booting from the M.2 drive because no imaging task is scheduled (GOOD)


      If I don't press F10, the NUC will boot from LAN, the imaging solution will fallback to booting from M.2, but be unable to find the M.2 drive (BAD)


      Is the NUC failing to correctly initialise BIOS drive data, and only doing so when F10 is pressed?


      I am using BIOS v54. The ReleaseNotes indicate only an updated RaidDriver for the latest version (v55).