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    Digital signature Broken on latest Intel ProSet 21.1 Drivers??


      I was installing the latest drivers for my motherboard, I211 + I219-V on a fresh W10 x64, the 21.1 package.


      I219-V work fine


      But the new Drivers for I211 (at least, maybe others too) inside ProSet 21.1 are signed ¿Wrong? by INTELNPG1, and Windows refuse them with the classical Error 52.


      ProSet 21.0, in other hands, work fine, the sign are correct. issued not by INTELNPG1, but Intel(R) Intel Network Drivers.


      Not a drama, but it would be nice to install a properly signed driver to use it.


      More strange, Drivers for I219-V are signed by INTELNPG1 too, and work fine (same cert)

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