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    how to map jointData to color space?


      1.Enable streams

      var sm = session.CreateSenseManager();

      var mColorReader = SampleReader.Activate(sm);

      var mColorReader.EnableStream(StreamType.STREAM_TYPE_COLOR, 1920, 1080);

      var mColorReader.EnableStream(StreamType.STREAM_TYPE_DEPTH, 640, 480);


      2. Enable hand tracking

      HandModule handModule = HandModule.Activate(sm);

        // Create the hand data instance

      var handData = handModule.CreateOutput();


      3.Access hand data


      IHand hand;

      var HandData.QueryHandData(AccessOrderType.ACCESS_ORDER_BY_TIME, 0, out hand);

      var wristJointData = hand.TrackedJoints[JointType.JOINT_WRIST];

      var position = wristJointData.positionImage;


      Then how to show wrist point in color space(1920x1080)?