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    Some (big) issues with compute stick STCK1A32WFCR



      I did not use my compute stick for quite a while. Now I try to update Windows 8.1. But it fails to do so. I re-installed the OS using the recovery tool at boot-up, but still Widows won't update after new installation. (It keeps surging ...)

      After the introduction of Win10 there was a message I could get a free update. Wich I tried to install. but it failed, and Win 8.1. was rolled back. So, updates did have worked...



      Also some apps closes down after starting them up, wich seems to be a known issue.

      I tried the update found on the Intel website, but it did not solve the problem.



      I Thought about installing Win10, for wich a BIOS update is needed.

      I downloaded the latest version (0034) and put it on a FAT32 formatted Mmicro SD drive and tried to install it with the F7 option.

      But again, this did not work. It replied wit errors and a message that the BIOS update failed.

      Also the express option using an executeble file to be started from Windows failed.


      What can I do to get at least a good functional Win 8.1, wich gets its updates, and opens apps normally?