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    Unable to access Edison local IP through browser. (Intel Edison Compute Module with Mini Breakout Board)


      So I am trying to get my intel edison wifi module and mini breakout kit set up. But accessing the local Edison IP from the browser doesn't work event though I am able to ping and ssh into the same IP.  This is what I have finished so far:


      1. Connected the board to computer and downloaded/installed drivers.

      2. Downloaded image and installed firmware. (currently 201606061707 when I exec cat /etc/version in linux terminal of Edison board)

      3. Access Edison terminal through serial port and ran configure_edison --setup, and setup device name and hooked up to same wifi as my computer.

      4. ran configure_edison --showWiFiIP and it output the correct IP (

      5. I can then ssh into edison terminal from computer terminal, and also ping it, and it all works. But pointing the browser to that ip errors out "Secure Connection Failed"


      I have tried in both Windows 10 and 64bit Ubuntu linux and neither works. Any help would be great. Thanks!