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    USB device doesn’t charge or it disconnects and reconnects frequently




      I have a Dell XPS 8900 computer with the "Intel Z170 Chipset" and I am having trouble disconnecting and reconnecting randomly from any device I connect to on USB 3.0, I made 15 formatting, I installed the latest drivers, everything works perfectly, the BIOS Is in the latest version, but usbs when starting a large copy of files disconnects and reconnects again. This occurs with external HD, Pendrive and cell phones.



      Is there a problem with motherboards with this Z170 chipset that you know is happening?



      Are there any chipset drivers to fix this problem in USB3.0 extensible for Windows 10?

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          Hello evandromalmsteen,
          Your best support is with your motherboard manufacturer as they are more familiar with your system and how all the components interact with each other.
          There are no reports from any of our partners related with this issue, my suggestion is to keep your system up to date and to try with several USB devices to check the behavior, this could be a possible defective USB ports or an issue with the USB device that you’re using.
          Intel sells products to various OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers), who then integrate them, with other system components (power supplies, disk drives, add in cards, software, etc). These chipset may be customized to the OEM's specifications. Please contact your OEM or place of purchase for support, as they are familiar with the total configuration of your integrated system and the way all the features interact with each other.
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