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    NUC5CPY was running ok until I upgraded my memory


      I have a NUC5CPY running Ubuntu LTS 16.04. Originally I had installed a 2GB Kingston SODIMM and after updating the BIOS to v60 all seemed well.
      I then changed the memory to an 8GB SODIMM also from Kingston, 1.35V PC3L 1333 MHz CL9 (Part No KVR13LSE9/8) which should be to spec.

      When I now try and boot I don't even get as far as the BIOS screen - just black. The power LED is on solid - no flashing to indicate a memory fault.

      If I revert to the 2GB it all works again.
      So, do I need to do something to reset the BIOS? or is there something else I'm missing.