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    How do you Load Windows 7 on a NUC5i5RYK with a Transcend SATA III M.2 MTS800 SSD ?


      I have a new NUC5i5RYK (5th Gen i5-5250 Processor) bare bones unit.  I installed 16 megs of Kingston RAM (8x2) and a Transcend 128 mg SATA III M.2 MTS800 SSD.  Both the Ram and the SSD were compatible to this unit.  Remarks by other people said they used these in this same machine. I have a Windows 7Pro Install disc that I used to put this on a Gigabyte unit that I'm replacing.  It is also on a Thumb drive with USB Boot setup.  I downloaded the new drivers and put on the same drive.  So when I try to load it and hit F10 on start up I get the Boot screen that gives me three choices, Some EFI (efi shell version 2.40 [5.11]) thing, The SSD and the Thumb drive.  When I try the SSD or the Thumb drive I get an error message to restart and plug in the data needed, basically, it didn't see the data on my drive,  If I select the efi thing, it displays a screen with some kind of Shell info and then say to hit Esc w/i one minute to continue or hit any other key or something, but neither does anything.  Intel's instructions are not clear to me.  There is a note about special instructions if i'm loading 7 on a device with Only 3.0 USB ports, which this unit has, but when I go to that, the instructions say I have to do it on a computer running Windows 8.1 or higher and All of my computers are running 7 Pro.


      So, can someone direct me to any specific instructions on what steps I need to do to load windows 7 Pro on this unit?  I'm not a techie, but have moderate skills with this stuff, but surely can follow instructions.  I just can't determine what the correct instruction are.

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