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    Some Questions About Intel Graphics HD 530 Mobile(QSV and Codec)


      Hello guys, I just bought a HP laptop recently, and have been using I7-6700HQ CPU with Intel Graphichs HD 530. So here I got some not-so-series questions to ask the community. I hope you can help me. Thank you!

      So first one, it's the Quick Sync Video Codec of HD 530 powerful enough to encode 1080p 45fps video, at 11.5Mbps bit-rate. If is not, how about 30fps 9Mbps bit-rate? If still not, can it do 720p 60fps video at 8.5Mbps? If still cannot, how about 720p 50fps at 8Mbps? Has anyone tried before, any experience will help. Thanks a lot, I don't really have any idea of the performance of the iGPU HD 530. Until now, I had been using it to encode 720p 48fps video at 7.3 Mbps, and it goes okay, no stuttering or something. Any where further?

      Second one, it's also about codec, but has something to do with the opencl function. I had been using a software to capture my computer screen and have been using x264 codec(CPU software Encode), and it uses A HELL LOT of CPU, so I am trying to find solutions. I tried enabling this function called "openCL", and when I enable it, the screen recorder will just freeze for a while and start to record.

      Now here is the ODD thing. When it says it is recording and the timer also started, I see NO CHANGE in CPU usage as compared to before recording, which should be impossible as I am NOT using Quick Sync Codec. Also, after I pressed "stop", it will not stop until I use Force Stop. And, NO VIDEO WAS ACTUALLY RECORDED! Not even a file been created! The same thing will not happen if I disable the "openCL" function, and of course the CPU usage went up again.

      SO......could someone please explain why the "openCL" won't work? Is the mobile HD 530 just not compatible with codec hardware acceleration(or was it?)?

      Thanks so much again!


      Additional Info:

      Screen recorder used: OBS Studio

      Current recording Settings:Encorder: Intel Quick Sync QSV 1280x720 48fps VBR 7300Kbps, max 7600Kbps. Preset 2 (Balanced) No other special settings

      Rig: HP bc009tx I7 6700HQ, GTX 960M, Intel HD 530 128G SSD, 1000GB HDD 7200RPM 8GB DDR4 2133 RAM

      If u need more info, feel free to ask. I may not be replying on time, please excuse me.