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    Intel 82579v - Code 10 - media disconnected


      After long shutdown and then power up ( eg. Power up in morning ) 82579v adapter shows Windows driver code 10 - with media disconnected status in ipconfig.

      Shutdown and restart does not fix.  Hard power off while machine running, wait 60 seconds and power on usually fix.  Bio reset default also fix.

      Problem re-occurs if machine is shutdown and powered off for a few hours.


      It is not cabling or router since problem is resolved by one of the above power cycle steps.



        Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V Pro

        Bios: Asus 2104 ( latest )

        OS: Windows 10-x64

        Network Driver: Intel  / ProSet


      Applied NVRam update ( 82579VSKU ) adapter is now 82579V - no longer bounces to LM.


        Older BIOS

        Microsoft Windows 10 Driver


      Problem appears similar to:



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