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    How to re-enable SSD in 'disable logical state'




      due to a small mishap (hot-unplug of a card while server was still powered) one of my P3500's has gone into "disable logical state".


      The card itself gets detected fine but I cant access the VM datastore on it. I have moved the drive to a Windows box and can run isdct on it but all I get is the disabled state.


      Can you please let me know how to re-enable the drive.

      Let me know what additional info you need.



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello TR_1234,

          We understand you have an Intel® SSD DC P3500 Series that is reporting a "disable logical state" error.

          We regret to inform you that this error is considered a "catastrophic failure", we do not have any troubleshooting available to re-enable your drive. Our main recommendation will be to contact support in order to initiate a warranty replacement ticket, so long as the drive is still within warranty.

          As far as data recovery goes, we cannot make any guarantees. You would need to contact a data recovery specialist in your area for pricing, services, and terms.

          - Data Recovery Options for Intel® SSDs (USA Based).

          Best regards,
          Carlos A.